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Designing Sites Using Wordpress Blogging Software

I ran across Wordpress a few years ago when I was riding the wave to construct a blog of my own.
Having tried many blog software options and never really being thrilled by any of them, I found Wordpress sitting in my server. WOW... what a program. The functionality of it is phenomenal. You say you want to personalize your site? You literally have hundreds of choices that can be altered in minutes. The best part is that you (the site owner) can make these changes yourself in secondsÖ and you donít need to be an HTML wizard to do it.
It puts the power into the hands of the site owner. Exactly where it should be. Here are a few that Iíve created for my own business and personal use.

If youíre interested in using this program to create your site please drop me a line. Most servers already have Wordpress installed so it takes very little time to get up and running. Wordpress is the creation of Ryan and Matt.

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