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My Thoughts on SEO

In recent years there has been a huge movement to make this SEO thing as complicated sounding as possible to those that are not familiar with it already. SEO "artists" have coined more terms, created more crystal palaces, and come up with more acronyms for the business than the military.

Search Engine Optimization conventions are being held all across the globe on a monthly basis. From Moscow to Orlando and all parts in-between, if you want to be a jet setting SEO guru... now's the time. I've been right next to several of these conventions but never stopped in. Why? Many reasons really. I can save both of us a ton of money researching the Internet, finding what works and do it myself in less time than it would take to get past the screener with my luggage... plus I hate to fly.

I'm not trying to convince website owners that they should all do their own SEO. Many people simply do not have the time and that's fine. What I am getting at is this. If you do have the time and you're already more than familiar with the Internet and some basic code functions then you're all set. No matter what ANYONE says, this is still a business that you can teach yourself in a fairly short amount of time. Reading some of the SEO forums below will get you off to a great start.

I'm not big on wanting to be a member of any organization. With large organized groups you canít think out of the box, you get brainwashed to a degree. You hear and see things that make you think, "Wow, I guess that's how I have to do it". That's wrong! Be a hard working, independent thinker with a good respect for things that are not yours (the search engines and the customers website) and your little part of the world will be just fine. Here this link will help, what makes Google happy works with the others also. Googles likes and dislikes.

If you think you have to chase algorithms to get on the first page of the search engines youíre going to need a few more hours in a day when your pages went from #1 to page 10. Iíve seen it happen too many times to count and Iíve also seen a few companies close their doors because of it. Which brings up another rant Iíll address in the future about putting all your eggs in one basket. Until then diversification is the key.

Here's that list you read about at the top of the page.

SEO Jargon

  • Black Hat SEO
    The Snidely Whiplash's in the business. Do business with the type and you may very well be picking your website off the tracks of the Internet... after the train ran it over.
  • White Hat SEO
    The Dudley Doorites in the business. Although some of us are less naive and much better looking.
  • On and Off Page Optimization
    On page is tweaking your own sites pages. Off page is getting links to your pages etc. I think you get it. That being said it's generally a very abused term made to sound like they are giving you something extra or that they have something else to charge for. It would be like taking your car to one mechanic for driving in wet weather and then take it to another for driving in dry weather. The Information Highway (remember that phrase?) is an all weather trip. You shouldn't need two mechanics or pay two charges.
  • Deep Linking
    I've actually heard of people charging more for deep linking than regular linking. Deep linking is what I did above in my link to Google. I could have just linked to Googles home page and make you hunt for yourself. Instead I linked directly to the page. No big deal. No pixie dust.
  • Long Tail
    In relation to SEO it's what has been called a phrased search since the 90's. You don't want to be #1 for "motorcycles" if you sell Ducati's. Phrases such as "italian sportbikes" or "italian motorcycles" would be relevant though and will bring you qualified traffic. That equals money in your pocket.
    The page of results that you see after searching for something. SEO lingo for an "answer" I guess.
  • Organic Serps
    These are unpaid search engine listings. These websites you see down the main column.
  • PFP and PFI
    These are search engine listings you pay for. The term "paid listings" always worked well for me. I always wondered why they didn't call these "inorganic"? Maybe they did and I never got the memo.
  • Algo or Algorithm
    The mathematical equation created by the search engine that enables it to retrieve an answer from the Internet. They (the search engines) most often use a different set of equations.

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